Essay: Foreign Investment In Hotel Industry Of Nigeria

24 Oct

Essay: Foreign Investment In Hotel Industry Of Nigeria

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In Nigeria, as a basic strategy to regulate the level of foreign investment in the hotel industry and to protect the local investment in the hotel industry, more taxes are imposed on the foreign investors in the industry. However, England uses a different approach to the matter.

Fewer taxes are charged to the potential foreign investors in the country. Instead of imposing such seeming unfair strategies to protect the local investors in the hotel industry, the British government only raises the bar of the expected performance standards. This is normally targeted to ensure that the country’s hotel industry standards and quality of performance is enhanced and that the interests of the consumers are adequately protected. Nigeria also has welfare, poverty and the normal taxes all charged to the people based on various predetermined scales and strategies. The differences in the inequality in the taxation system in the country is targeted at ensuring that low-income earners are charged less while the high income earners are charged more. This strategy has however impacted negatively to the Nigerian market due to the fact that the market’s main target clients fall in the highly taxed people bracket. Generally speaking, the high taxes lead to a decrease in the good performance of the hotel industry.

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