Essay: Fluorotechnics Limited

24 Oct

Essay: Fluorotechnics Limited

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In this section the case of Fluorotechnics Limited shall be analyzed in respect to the corporate governance principles discussed above. It is impressive to note the structuring of Fluorotechnics annual report which convincingly adheres to the principles of corporate governance.

The entire chairman’s letter addresses the achievements and downfalls of the company both in the strategic sense and in the economic sense. The most impressive thing is that this information is directed to the shareholders who have a right to know how the company they have invested in is performing. The report of the director also captures the roles of the board of directors and their different capacities.

It is also impressive to note that the company has an Audit and Risk Committee & Remuneration and Nomination Committee. It can be noted from the director’s report, Mr. David Weber is a Non-Executive Director and the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee (Fluorotechnics Limited 2009:8). It also captures Mr. Rick Taylor as a Member of Audit & Risk Committee and Member of Remuneration and Nomination Committee. It is also impressive to note that a Remuneration Report is provided. For instance the remuneration report captures the principles used to determine the nature and amount of remuneration; details of remuneration; service agreements; share-based compensation and; additional information (Fluorotechnics Limited 2009:10).

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