Essay: Flexible and Portable Books

24 Oct

Essay: Flexible and Portable Books

Sample Essay

The continued for more flexible and portable books have also resulted in the need to change the writing styles, fonts being used and the actual medium through which certain materials are written. Portable continues to be a very strategic factor that enhances the need for change in the modern writing techniques. The need to produce more portable materials always lead to writing of material in simpler yet less detailed language. This help to drastically reduce the number of works and hence a much smaller version of the book is produced.

Upgrading of the content therefore enhance the relevance of the materials and ensure that the changes in culture, political practices and technological changes are put into consideration in ensuring that the written materials fully reflect the current life style and the needs of the majority. Additionally, production of new editions of books helps in ensuring that the new editions contain new contents that may have been omitted in the previous technologies. Such conservation strategies help in ensuring that new theories and relevant concepts are also integrated in the new editions.

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