Essay: Finger Print Security

24 Oct

Essay: Finger Print Security

Sample Essay

The World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia article on fingerprinting contains the following: “Fingerprints provide the most reliable method of identification because no person’s prints are identical to those of another individual. Even identical twins have different fingerprints.

In almost all cases, fingerprints remain the same throughout a person’s lifetime. The ridges on the fingertips change only as a result of surgery, disease, or an accident.”

Fingerprints have been used for forensic purposes for over 100 years. The general public has an understanding and awareness that fingerprints are unique and can be used to identify an individual. They may not realize however, that any single fingerprint is not uniquely distinguishable from every other fingerprint that exists on some person in the world. As Dan M. Bowers explains in Access Control and Personal Identification Systems: “There are about one billion possible minutiae combinations on a fingerprint; since there are about 5 billion people inhabiting the Earth, and each has ten fingers, this means that statistically it is likely that fifty people on Earth share a fingerprint.”


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