Essay: Financially disadvantaged males

12 Oct

Essay: Financially disadvantaged males

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Overall the financially disadvantaged, males, those younger than 25 and non European-Americans were more likely to fall victim to crime (Fosdick and Raymond 1920). Income, age and sex had the majority striking effect on the probability of a person being offended by crime, whereas the characteristic of race depended on the crime. A report given by US Bureau of Justice Statistics, (2005) in dictates that in 2005, 27 out of 1,000 African Americans became the victim of a violent crime, compared to 20 out of every 1,000 White Americans (United Nations Survey, 1998-2000).

 This means that African Americans were overall 26% more likely to sustain a violent crime. The possibility of being murdered was significantly higher for African Americans. Furthermore the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, (2005) revealed that In 2004 African Americans constituted roughly 13.4% of the general population, yet, nearly half, 49%, of all murder victims in 2005 were African American (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2005). Sexual offensive and rape rates, nonetheless, were approximately the same for all races, despite the fact that Whites and African Americans had approximately the same likelihood of falling victim to simple assaults. In terms of sex, males were more likely to become crime victims then were females with 79% percent of all murder victims being male (Fosdick and Raymond 1920).

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