Essay: Financial Capability of World Powers

24 Oct

Essay: Financial Capability of World Powers

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The two combinations give an insight of the power that is capable financially so that it can be able to run its functions effectively. In this light, statistics of war time indicates that during its reignBritainwas capable to maintain its war expenditures effectively. Thus in 1688 to 1815 the total wartime expenses were £2,293,483,437, Britain income was pitched at £1,622,924,377.

Thus it only had a balance of £670,559,060.  But from 1890s the US economy overtook that of Britain and Germany to become the world super power together with other political factors.

Thirdly the measures can be in today’s economic environment through the use of the state’s share of the total world GDP which is a round $45 to $50 trillion. At this juncture Kennedy’s argument predicts the decline of theUSas a world super power. Since the share of theUS in the world GDP ever declining since 1945 when it over took from Britain.  In fact Chinai s a major threat to theUS as a world great power. To this effect the statistics indicates that China’s total GDP will be higher than that of the US by 2025, if the trading systems are not interfered with by natural calamities or human caused activities.

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