Essay: Fighting the Practice of Sex Trade

17 Oct

Essay: Fighting the Practice of Sex Trade

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On the other hand, Apne Aap is working closely with women to fight the practice of sex trade. According to this movement, legalization of sex trade will lead to an  increase in moral decadence (Apne Aap). Young women and even underage girls have been active in this trade in countries where this vice is legal.

They argue that returns from this practice though may be huge have no big impact to the economy of any country. Legalization according to this organization will only lead to further moral deterioration of the society. “By legalizing prostitution, you are going to give immunity to the pimps and brothels to buy or sell human beings. It will in turn increase trafficking of young women and children”, Ruchira Gupta, founder of Apne Aap. It therefore calls for legal protection of vulnerable groups and that is women and young girls.

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