Essay: Female Patients Stuck In Abusive Languages

24 Oct

Essay: Female Patients Stuck In Abusive Languages

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Moreover, person’s construction of reality affects her or his future behaviors; SFT lays emphasis on future orientation of female patients who are sadly stuck in abusive relationship. According to de Shazer, 1985, 1988, 1994 & Berg & Miller, 1992; describes them as women who are overwhelmed by the fear of violence, accompanied by the feeling of powerlessness and helplessness in the social context.

In this respect, SFT therapeutically moves the patients away from past misshapenness by encouraging clients to visualize a future without violence in intimate relationships. This is done through directing patient’s attention to helpful things that the patient does to realize the desired change, combining with patient’s resourcefulness and strengths in contrast to their undermined potentials. 

Thus the theory lays its premise on the fact that the patient is the knower and the expert of their unique experiences, realities, and aspirations (Kowalski, Kral, 1998, pp. 210). Thus, the therapy becomes a validating and collaborative process that facilitates female survivors to discover, connect and amplifying life goals appropriate to their unique life context. This enables the patient to own the solution to the problem rather than imposed by external factor.

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