Essay: Feeling of Reaction and Rage in Children

24 Oct

Essay: Feeling of Reaction and Rage in Children

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He further shows that in instances when a child is denied the basic needs for survival, a feeling and reaction of rage occur. For instance, he indicates that when a child is frequently scolded for making mistakes, the child slowly withdraws from the social environment.

This also makes the child continuously attack itself and harbor feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness. Sehl (1994) asserts that these greatly inhibit the sustainable emotional development of the children. It is because the child feels that is does not deserve any form of love from any given source. These feelings have various implications on the overall development process and studies show that they even affect the academic performance of the child. It is because the child experiences confusion with thoughts and wastes much of its time trying to clarify the expected experience instead of concentrating on achieving the goals set. Psychologists show that this pattern is likely to continue and even worsen in future.

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