Essay: Feeling of Loneliness

24 Oct

Essay: Feeling of Loneliness

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Furthermore, Wolf (2001) ascertains that the mere feeling of loneliness may also make the individual experiencing loss and feel shameful. This shows that shame is socially inclined because of the implications that it has on social order and social organization. Also, shame separates an individual from him or herself and in most instances, persons experiencing shame may not be aware of their thoughts and feelings.Berry(2008) asserts that this condition inhibits the mourning process because the feelings that are supposed to be released are not available in the first place leave alone being suppressed. This denied mourning is not healthy for the recovery process because just like rage, it does not allow the person experiencing loss to effectively experience and release the negative feelings.

From the above review, it can be ascertained that the feelings of rage and shame are interconnected as one contributes to the other. In addition, it has been ascertained that these feelings impact negatively on the recovery process. Therefore, it is recommended that viable conditions should be availed by the growth and development process in order to ensure that the feelings are released. In addition, therapy should aim at addressing the root causes of shame and rage.

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