Essay: Fear of Pre Marital Sex

24 Oct

Essay: Fear of Pre Marital Sex

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This shows that fear of pre- marital sex is wearing out day after day and the youths are growing up in full knowledge and experience of sex and this mostly comes because of cohabitation. What the cohabitation revolution has done is not to scare people of heterosexual relationships; instead it increases the chances of two people of the opposite sex moving together under some casual arrangement knowing that the union is often just temporary. Instead of cohabitation instilling fear of sex and sexuality, it is enabling the youth intermingle more freely without the fear of marriage commitments (Booth & Crouter, 2002).

The concept of cohabitation has had far reaching impacts on the constitution of the present day family. As couples cohabit and end up getting children and becoming a family, it is expected that their children will follow in their footsteps once they become of age. The implication of this is an incremental increase in the rate of cohabitation over the next couple of years. The cohabitation revolution is one that can not be overlooked as the youths continue to turn away from the traditional form of marriage for various reasons chief among them being the cost implications of the traditional setup.

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