Essay: Family Based Intervention-Antisocial Behaviours

24 Oct

Essay: Family Based Intervention-Antisocial Behaviours

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Family factors predict the future occurrence of anti social problems among the youths. Social deviance is characterized by poor parental guidance, low income, divorce or separation, abusive parents and neglect.

Positive family interactions and good relationship among family members are important in reducing social problems (Farrington and Coid 2003). Family Intervention Projects have been established to support families by dealing with the most challenging problems faced in families which leads to social deviance (National Centre for Social Research 2010). The support resulted positive outcomes, families who were involved with anti social behaviors experienced tremendous decrease of social deviance from 89% to 32 % in 2009. The intervention work through support programs by challenging social deviance, providing parental support, supporting children education, management of risk factors, improvement of family property, stopping violence acts and improving living standards by providing knowledge and skills to parents and children to support themselves in future

This is the most effective program designed to prevent occurrence of social problems. It includes family therapy, parental training, multi systematic therapy and Oregon treatment foster care which are basically based on family. The focus of therapy is on done on familiar risks and factors that influence social problems among youths (Halliday-Boykins, 2004). The family and parental analysis made in USA, Norway and Canada asserts that this policy has great impact in reducing juvenile delinquency. It is very effective approach to be used in solving youth offences and social problems. It specifically suit individual needs while it targets risky factors that exposes youths to behavioral problems (Rubin et al., 2006). Parental training support and early childhood interventions are the most effective prevention measures on targeted population, this reduces social problems.

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