Essay: Facts About Hypochondria

Sample Essay

The underlying facts about hypochondria are that; it occurs equally between men and women, it may be overwhelming and disabling, and it occurs with varied intensity, it results in frequent visits to doctors (176). Several causes can be linked to hypochondria.

First of all normal body sensations, overlooked by most people, are highly noticed by hypochondria patients as symptoms of life threatening ailments. Secondly, it is believed to be a type o obsessive compulsive disorder. Thirdly, the body’s natural fight or flight response mechanism is seen to be a contributor of hypochondria disorder. Fourthly, a characteristic of hypochondria is anxiety, increased anxiety may cause physiological arousal brought about by increased heart rate, shortness of breath, sweating, nausea and other sensations. Hypochondria patients mistakenly interpret these signs and symptoms as evidence of illness.

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