Essay: Extensions, Anatomy and Substitutions

14 Oct

Essay: Extensions, Anatomy and Substitutions

Sample Essay

The technological innovation on humanity involves three components namely;

Extensions: the changes done goes beyond the traditions defined by boundaries of human anatomy. The extensions are done on phenotype, organism and mind.

Substitutions: Personal features and capability are substituted by use of biological elements to improve the biological features of an individual.

Enhancements:  this are core component of post humanity, enhancements are done to improve personal features and capabilities. The main objective of enhancement is to overcome the biological limitations (Verdoux, 2010).
            It is possible to replace or repair neurons with implants and supplement biological neurons with synthetic neurons while retaining the same human functions.  The memory, processing power and new abilities can be added to human machinery. (Parthan, 2000).

Gender is socially constructed and culture assumptions are about social relations that shape gender influenced by body conduct.  Femininity and masculinity are dominant cultural and social values and arrangements that shape the interactions between the human beings (Howson, 2004).

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