Essay: Explanation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

12 Oct

Essay: Explanation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

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This is reflected in the workplace where there is job security and ones effort and productivity would ensure continued employment. Social need is ranked third in the theory and entails the need for love and belonging. Naturally, human are social animals that need to have a sense of belonging and love. Good interaction in the workplace where employees spend their considerable time becomes the avenues where such social needs are fulfilled. Subsequently, ego and esteem needs become the motivating need after social needs are achieved.

These enables the workers to achieve self-esteem and esteem for others and develop self respect: virtues that are often coupled with traits of good reputation, improve status, prestige, dominance, fame, recognition and appreciation among others traits that employees can achieve from workplace. Self-actualization brings forth self realization, continued self development and other activities relating to personal growth (Bies & Moag, 1986 pp. 43-55).

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