Essay: My experience as an employee

20 Oct

Essay: My experience as an employee

Sample Essay

Considering that I have been working for the last five years, I have realized that hard work pays. At my place of work, the manager was very strict and all employees had to work hard to accomplish the set goals. This experience was of great importance in developing personal values about hard work. Since success in life is measured by the goals achieved in a person’s life, I have come to realize that making proper schedule of activities is good. Time management has been one of the crucial aspects that I have learnt from my former boss. This important skill of time management has proved indispensable in planning studies at college.

Getting to know new friends in the last five years has been a great achievement in my life. Friends are very important in achieving personal goals and I have come to learn that success in life depends on the kind of friends a person has. If it were not for the support I obtained from my friends, I would not have achieved my dreams. At my place of work, I had a group of friends whom we shared ideas about being optimistic in life, setting achievable goals, planning for our future and other life experiences. Even though we had differences and conflicts at some points, we were able to solve them amicably. Such experiences have improved my skills in conflict resolution and in future I will be able to solve more complicated problems.

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