Essay: Evolution Of Media Technology

Sample Essay Media Technology

In the past two centuries, we have seen that the businesses that once used television and radio to convey their messages to the public are now exploring the horizons of the internet. The young generations were born with the internet. For this generation, this media technology is the readily available source for information and education. Businesses therefore are working hard to tap into this market and reach their target viewers. Our appetite for information as consumers is never-ending. We grab hold of whatever information source we have available and don’t let go. To keep ourselves at pace and updated with the rapidly changing world, people’s demand for information on all the platforms is rising. Even though no platform including broadcast radio, television, and telephony is losing business, a change in people’s trends is being noted.

Consumers have started using the new media more frequently and as their first choice for information. This is leading us quickly to a point when TV viewing will decline and new media will overtake. Businesses have noticed this trend.

They are shifting their marketing expenditure from the traditional media and more towards new media. In the past, print and television were the main sources of advertising. Now a lot of investment is being made towards capturing the advertising opportunities on the web.

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