Essay: Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

15 Oct

Essay: Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

Sample Essay

The field of nursing focuses on the various ways which are aimed at knowing the patient in an effort aimed at providing the best care to the patients. (French, 2002). There are about four basic principles used in the field of nursing namely nursing ethics, personal principles, empiric and other aesthetic patterns of nursing. Empirical knowledge is related to how facts are described, explained and predicted. Ethics refers to the moral responsibility of the nurses, the values of the medical organization and the desired goals which the medical organization seeks to achieve.

Personal knowing refers to the genuine relationship that exists between the nurse and the patient. Aesthetic knowing refers to the perceptions that are held by the nurse regarding the significant behavior in the patient who also includes the nurses’ application of the nursing art and skills in ways that promotes the wellbeing of the patients. (Chambless, and Hollon, 1998).

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