Essay: Evaluation of scoring systems

12 Oct

Essay: Evaluation of scoring systems

Sample Essay

An evaluation of the patients system of scoring in order to identify the deterioration of the patients was done in England. The process by which the ICU resources were provided by the intensive care team was also researched in to. This was also in consideration of the fact that the current levels of the staff could have affected the time available for the care of the patients. It was thus concluded that use of scoring models for the patients and ways of notifying the medical officers still needed more study and investigation. (Royal and Blythe, 1998). Also, the study emphasized the importance of the nurses making sense out of the available data of the patient and communicating this to the senior medical officers.

Another study that was also conducted in the intensive care units, time was also taken to be a key factor that was used in determining the improvement of the patient’s health status. (Loyd, 2008). The recognition in the changes of the patient’s condition was as a result of a comparison between the situation of the patient and available time of care. It was important to be aware of the pattern of change that the patient was going through in order to give the patient good nursing care.

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