Essay: Evaluation and analysis of sources on Obesity

27 Dec

Essay: Evaluation and analysis of sources on Obesity

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I recommend that it is evident that the reports that have been presented by CDC are based on research and findings of Dr. Flegal. These reports have pointed out an increase in number of obese people in United States over the years mentioned. Moreover, Dr. Flegal has added range of body weights that are observed in obese population in United States. Moreover, it has been suggested by Dr. Flegal that this obesity is not just health issue but now it is an economical issue as well.

  1. 1.      First Source

Strength of the first source

The biggest strength of Mr. Campos’ work is his ability to highlight the personal and social cost of our never-ending quest for thinness and beauty, and the inherent dangers of confusing one for the other. 

Weakness of first source

Unfortunately, his biggest failing is that by almost completely de-linking obesity from poor health, and by questioning the legitimacy of almost every study available on the subject, his work begins to sound more and more like a conspiracy theory.  For example, at one point, Mr. Campos contends that since the risk of mortality forms a U-shaped curve against the BMI, it confirms that that overweight, but otherwise healthy, people in the medium range with a BMI of 25-29 have the lowest risk as compared to those on either extreme – underweight and morbidly obese – and, hence, being overweight itself does not cause undue health problems.  In doing so, Mr. Campos completely disregards the variable of lifestyle.  (Campos, 2004)

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