Essay: European Peasants’ Migration

Sample Essay

East European peasants heading to the Canadian prairies to homestead usually intended their migration as permanent settlement and traveled with their entire families.
Most of the gypsies headed for North America (including Canada) with the aim of settling down”.But the attitudes of the Americans towards their laborers were discriminating to say the least. The late 19th century the mass migration was beginning to die down, due to economic constraint, scrutiny at the immigration ports in selection of only certain type of laborers, including discriminating against the Irish and due to economic opportunities is arising in their own countries.

In a macroscopic view the migration of people from all over, from laborers to peasants, from illiterate to the industrialists and the slaves was fine, but deep down the all sorts of tensions and discriminations existed from the start of the migration. Social injustices, slavery were present. In the 15th and the 16th century and beyond, the British people had an animosity towards the Irish. As would later on, the Americans towards the black slaves. This caused quite a few of the migrant families to turn back and return to their homeland when the opportunity arose.

AsEuropebegan to stand on its feet, people could find not many reasons to migrate toAmerica. This was seen in the case whenGermanybecame a strong industrial state, their migration levels almost came to a halt.

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