Essay: Euro and Political Benefits

Sample Essay

Every economic and social benefit has a bearing in the political influence and benefits at large. But the degree of the benefit depends on the individual’s point of view. This is seen in terms of the whole issue of the EMU is geared towards creating a United States of Europe just like the United States of America (Ian 1992).

Thus creation a politically super power with influence globally to overthrow the US. But the avenue taken is through the use of the Euro to get to political stardom and kingdom. In addition to that, there is other added propaganda which aims at giving an insight that EU only is capable of giving peace and prosperity politically, socially and economically which may not be the case (Wilson 2006).

            In that regard, the democratic states of the world usually run their affairs internally and smoothly with each other through mediation, negotiations and diplomacy, without making war advances or threats to dance according to their tunes. This was evident in the periods after Second World War most nations were peaceful and democratic and had no need for a body to neither monitor their democratic space nor maintain peace (Andrew 2001). And as a matter of fact peace inEuropewas mandated by NATO and not European Union. But in recent cases EU has changed the mode of operation by replacing democratic accountability of member states with the EU’s fromBrussels. In that case the EU creates instability in the member country through creating a supper state hence rendering euro of little political gain toBritain. In fact Britain is better off the way it is right now than adopting euro (Lethe 2000).

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