Essay: Environment friendly Nanotechnology

11 Oct

Essay: Environment friendly Nanotechnology

Sample Essay

Other forms of environment friendly uses of nanotechnology include chemical filtration, tissue engineering, manufacture of less toxic aerospace gadgets, recycling plants for wastes such as batteries, which are known to cause a lot environmental problems when disposed incorrectly. Nanofoods have also been created using this green technology (Bharat, 2007, p. 94). Canola oil is an example of such products. It is manufacture by Shemen industries in Israel. The oil contains additives called nanodrops, which have the ability to carry minerals, and vitamins through the elementary canal and eventually into the urea cycle hence boosting various metabolic systems of the body. This form of green technology is therefore a viable option not only in conserving the environment but also in food processing.

Nanotechnology has hit some economies in such a robust fashion that it may end being out of control. Its critics fear that it may lead to an over production of its products leading to a massive dumping spree of both old and new products. This may further damage the environment. Lack of a centralized system to regulate the field especially at a global level poses a great danger to common Man as unscrupulous businessmen may greedily use the technology to come up with counterfeit products. Such products may end up wearing out faster again worsening dumping. Nanotechnology as a form of green technology is therefore beneficial to man and the environment if well used and regulated.

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