Essay: Employees’ opinion in policymaking

22 Jul

Essay: Employees’ opinion in policymaking

The management should understand the organization, its goals and objectives before applying any kind of initiative. It is important fro management to put in check and change where necessary their leadership and management skills. They should involve the employees opinion in policy making, planning and the implementation of changes.

                It is important for the management to adopt change management principles which are sponsorship, it entails the involvement of the key persons in the decision making process. Secondly they should plan thoroughly before effecting any change. They should also state the program objectives in measurable terms where it is possible for them to monitor and give a report on the progress of the project. There should be communication between the parties during the whole period. There should be resources provided for those implementing the changes and for those who will receive these changes. The management should adopt a neutral environment and assign roles and responsibilities while providing a workplace support system to get everyone involved in the change.

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