Essay: Emotions Causing Thought Suppressions

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The intrusion response is also an important aspect of emotion causing thought suppression. After a person has effectively suppressed a thought, more excitements induced by the suppression can occur. The intrusion return of the thought can result into emotional response.

When the process of suppression is effectively completed, the individual may feel relaxed which reduces the consciousness of the thoughts. The intrusion of an exciting thought at this moment can result into an immediate emotional response resulting into excitement. The intrusion reaction of an emotion causing thought could be inform of a series of reactions that causes an emotional arousal. It is however important to note that an intrusion reaction do not develop because of a deliberate thought about an emotion causing topic. This is because if an individual consciously intend to think about an arousing topic, he or she is prepared for the thought and may be emotionally ready for it. Moreover, if an individual is thinking about an arousing topic repeatedly, the initial emotional response may be high but as he gets more conscious about the thought, the arousal decreases. Accessibility to consciousness of an exciting thought has therefore been noted to be an important factor that reduced the emotional response to the thought. This is however contrary to what happens when an arousing thought is suppressed. When the thought is suppressed, the individual is shortly unconscious of the thoughts in his or her mind and thus return of the thought will always result into emotional and bodily excitement. Thought suppression therefore creates a conscious void and thus an individual is very sensitive to anything that will rejuvenate the thought.

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