Essay: Emergence of Wireless Technologies and Advertising

25 Dec

Essay: Emergence of Wireless Technologies and Advertising

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The customers too of the current age are fast and want awareness. Wireless networks allow the advertisers to provide easy access to awareness regarding various product lines through these networks. So we can say wireless networks cater to a perfect match between the advertisements and the customers.Therefore we can say through wireless accessibility, advertising is more targeted and individualized. This was never before in the time of TV monopoly in advertising. Through wireless accessibility, target customers can search products, inquire, order and make purchase from anywhere in the world. Other than easy access to the vast target audience, for advertisers, wireless technology offers standard and extremely cost effective means of advertising (Yunos, 2007).


Advertisers use three common modes of advertising via wireless networks: I-mode, SMS, and WAP, each of which requires different mobile devices and accessibility requirements.


WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol is a tool in mobile devices that allows users to access information from anywhere in the world instantly. WAP makes the internet wirelessly connectible. It translates the WML/HDML language of mobiles to HTML/HTTP language of internet, allowing the users to send their requests and interact on the internet through web servers (Yunos, 2007).

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