Essay: Emergence of Knowledge-based Policing

Sample Essay

It is very impressive to note that “intelligence lead policing” aims to establish a generation of community policing with more knowledge-based policing. To shed more light on the issue of knowledge –based policing a look at knowledge-based public order policing will be significant.

The dictum that mob practices have no rationality makes it hard to trust a crowd in whatever event they get involved in especially in the public domain. A conglomeration of a large number of crowds is viewed as a threat and an offence in law. Police will be quick in dispatching crowds in the streets due to their perceived potential in carrying out criminal activities. By and large public order policing is still pegged on the perception that mobs are by nature devoid of reason and very harmful. However, this belief is misguided and serves as a recipe to policing interventions that occasion more violence and malicious inclinations in the crowds (Reicher et al. 2007).

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