Essay: Element of Rebellion against the Law

Sample Essay

As indicated earlier, Socrates symbolizes an element of rebellion against the law. However, it is also important to note that Socrates revered the laws very much such that he declined an offer to escape from the prison as it was against the law.

In this regard, one should not jump into concluding that Socrates is turning out to be unruly. Socrates brings out superiority of the law when he mentions that one ought to abide by the sentence of the state (Jowett 1). Socrates argues further that the law above all dictates the destiny of all. It regulates marriage; it regulates the system of nurture; it regulates the education of children and their bring-up and so on and so forth. In fact Socrates notes that the dictates of the laws lured his father to train him in music. Basically, from this reflection, it can be perceived that the law is somehow a god to humans who abide by it. Further to that, it can be argued that nothing else but total submission to the law. Now, from the dictum that law is for man and not man for the law is affirmed contrary to its proper connotation that law is for man and not man for the law. Socrates therefore invites Crito to reflect on the possibility of defections in the laws. In other words, Socrates provokes Crito’s mind into appreciating the fact that the laws cannot be absolute and in deed, they are subject to criticism and amendments. Crito vividly affirms that laws are just and truthful in all ways and at all times.

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