Essay: Electronic transfer of books

Sample Essay

Generally speaking, electronic transfer of books greatly facilitates the use and future existence of books. This is because of the many benefits associated with electronic books. To begin with, availability is greatly enhanced through the use of electronic books thus enhancing their access facilitation of books.

By August 2009, the number of books available through online sources was approximately two million. Mobile data connection has also facilitated the access and availability of books thus making it much easier for the books to be accessed. This has ensured that the traditional way of access of books that could have led to extinction of books is replaced with more reliable and accessible method of accessing books.

Storage and Portability of books is another great impact of the electronic books that has continued to ensure that books exist in the near future. Birkerts (1994) believes that many copies of electronic formats of books could be contained in a small size of an electronic reader. The storage capacities thus ensure that as many copies as possible are store in a smaller space thus saving on the physical space that could otherwise have been used. Indeed e-book collection of books takes up very little space due to various compression technologies that help in minimizing the storage capacities to much greater extents.

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