Essay: Efforts of European Union after 9/11

12 Oct

Essay: Efforts of European Union after 9/11

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The September 11, 2001 terrorist’s acts on the soil of United States as well as the subsequent revelation of existence of various Al-Qaeda cells in Europe gave new urgency to various EU initiatives to combat terrorism as well as other crimes happening across the border (Democracy Now 2005).

In the past, efforts by the EU to address challenges like these had a serious obstacle in the form of national sovereignty concerns, lack of resources as well as mistrust among the law enforcement agencies according to Walsh (2001). The immediate European endeavors after the 9/11 led to the tracking down of terrorists as well as the freezing of their various financial assets mostly in cooperation with the US authorities as we are informed by Tilley (2003). After the attacks, the EU sought to speed up various efforts in order to harmonize the national laws and scale down the obstacles among the member states.

This is so as to ensure that the information will be always expeditiously shared and the suspects arrested (Townsley 2003). This has resulted from a permanent presence of terrorism threat due to the issue of Jerusalem and Palestinian independence (Townsley 2003).

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