Essay: Effects of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation

Sample Essay

Dissemination of nuclear products posed hazardous effects on environment and also the safety to carry out pumping activities in the tanks was questionable. Safety and legality of untrained workers permitted into restricted areas was also questionable.

Actions have with them both good results and bad results. This is what makes any action morally acceptable or permissible. There are instances when an action is allowable in the ethical or moral point of view. It must be: (i) the action is good in itself, (ii) the consequence of the action is not as a result of the bad intention or the malicious consequence should not be deliberately intended, (iii) the good as result of the malicious consequence is never desirable (Blackburn, 1996).

The above assertion describes the sources of morality in human acts and decisions in that they must be good in themselves; the intention must be good and the circumstances must be favorable.

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