Essay: Effectiveness of a Team

19 Oct

Essay: Effectiveness of a Team

Sample Essay

According to the case study, it is very evident that a number f issues have affected in many ways the effectiveness and efficiency of the team which was formed to offer financial and accounting support to the organization (Kimble, et al., 2000). The effectiveness of a team is dependent on how the team is organized, coordinated and the various procedures and used in delivering the goals of a team. There are a number of ways through which the efficiency and effectiveness of a team could be enhanced.

It is evident, from a number of teams previously formed that the effectiveness of a team is dependent on the ability to integrate various skills within the team environment and ensure that constant exchange which encourage sharing of ideas is fully enhanced. People who have different skills and who have different varied perspectives of the business environment always tend to complement ach other whenever they are working as a team. When KSS became part of the larger merger which involved two more companies, centralization is avoided through the formation of a larger team.

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