Essay: Effective Emergency Management

28 Apr

Essay: Effective Emergency Management

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Similarly it is equally important to provide the health facilities to the injured people. So the next important data collection criteria are about the number of hospitals that are functional in the area besides their efficiency and capacity.

The capacities of the hospitals must be available before time so that at the time of such catastrophes the emergency management team can begin their action rather than calculating and analyzing the capacities o the available medical institutions. It is also important to analyze the skills of the medical and the paramedical staff that are rendering the services. As per the facts stated I the case study the Meeta city is equipped with five health centers and one hospitals that is equipped with fifty beds. The figure might appear insufficient in accordance with the population but yet its effective management can yield the required outcomes but this is only possible if the emergency is appropriately managed.

The last but yet not the least are the supply of food articles to the people who are the victim of such a catastrophe. As many of such people are seriously injured and require additional supplements for restoring their health and injuries[1]. But the supply of these food articles must not be restricted to the people suffering from injuries but the resources must be allocated in a way that ever affected individual should develop a sense that the experience at their disposal is a shared experience.

[1][1] Peterson, Danny and Besserman, Richard (2010) “Analysis of Informal Networking in Emergency Management,” Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management: Vol. 7 : Issue. 1, Article 68

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