Essay: Educational Issues in US

21 Dec

Essay: Educational Issues in US

Sample Essay

Having stated earlier the powerful role that certain non-government actors enjoy in the formulation and execution of education policies across America, one is not surprised to see the influence enjoyed by the textbook industry and the increasing economic cost of this influence as borne by the students across schools in America.

This once again limits the access they can enjoy to a higher quality of education, and the options they can exercise in pursuance of such a goal.

Since publishing houses revise textbook editions with an unreasonable frequency, the economic consequences for the students are manifold: They are forced to pay a higher price for each newer edition, which is mostly little different from the previous one except for a few ancillary alterations and additions.  They are further burdened since the price also includes the cost of auxiliary materials (CDs etcetera) that are provided alongside most textbooks these days.  Lastly, the availability of newer editions of the same textbooks – as stated, with often unnecessary changes – limits their ability to sell their old textbooks at the end of the semester term.

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