Essay: Eating Out

19 Dec

Essay: Eating Out

Sample Essay

While eating out with others, we have to be mindful of not only our table manners, but also of the cultural and religious sensitivities of the host and/or the guests present at the table.  It is, thus, understandable how instances of belching or excessive drinking are frowned upon on at all such social occasions.

Once again, no one can be booked for having broken the law if they indulge in a loud burp – reminiscent of Homer Simpson’s beer burp – at the end of their course, but they will be rightly frowned upon by all those present on the occasion.  It is once again the case of behavior patterns that are considered as not acceptable/appropriate in a social setting.

I, fortunately, do not indulge in belching or burping while eating out with others.  However, if ever dining out with a largely vegetarian crowd, I still choose to order non-vegetarian foodstuff and gladly consume it in their presence.  In doing so, I am often made to feel like a deviant with responses ranging from frowns of disapproval to active attempts at converting me away from a non-vegetarian way of life. 

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