Essay: Earnings Obtained by Ex-offenders

17 Oct

Essay: Earnings Obtained by Ex-offenders

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Data on earnings obtained by ex-offenders is not readily available but Tracy et al. (2001) estimates studies show that ex-offender are given too little by their employers with the suspected reason for this bias being that they are desperate for work. Many governments across the globe have made numerous attempts to control this situation but it seem not to work for ex-offenders whose criminal records are used to oppress seemingly as a form of another punishment. This adds to ex-offenders psychological burden that is already too heavy considering that they may have just been released from prison.

Quarterly earnings on average for an ex-offender in the UK stand between 1,000 and 2,000 pounds. This is relatively low considering the needs the money it is supposed to take care of (2001). In relating that to gender, male ex offenders consider taking up such jobs at 51 percent compared to 65 percent with females. This serves as another hurdle for male ex-offenders whose roles and position in the social environment is more demanding. Most of them prefer looking for more lucrative career which are unfortunately unavailable for them. The figures also compare salaries before and after employment thus showing great disparities between the two periods with those who are never incarcerated receiving 15 times, more than what is offered to ex-offenders on the same jobs they had before (Tracy, et al.2001). This comparison lowers self-esteem even further thus discouraging ex-offenders to seek employment. The government has no specific laws that look into this issue of salaries for ex-offenders which is another demoralizer that make people labeled as ex-offenders feel secluded.

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