Essay: Drawbacks Assessed in Educational System in USA

18 Dec

Essay: Drawbacks Assessed in Educational System in USA

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In 1983, realizing the faltering state of the national educational system, an 18-member ad-hoc commission was established by the then-Secretary of Education, Terrell H. Bell.  The commission’s report, entitled “A Nation at Risk:  The Imperative for Educational Reform” set the tone for the subsequent educational reforms that took place across the length and breadth ofAmericafor the next 20-odd years. 

These reforms included, but were not limited, to provisions for greater financial support for failing public schools, greater emphasis on decentralization, providing parents with greater school choice, reduction in class sizes, greater competition amongst schools, more reliable indicators for evaluating a school’s performance, higher pays for teachers, provision for internet access to schools, upgrading school facilities, better training facilities for future teachers, and smaller class sizes, etcetera.In my view, standardizing the educational textbooks will help us address the many socioeconomic disparities, increasingly prevalent across various parts ofAmerica, threatening our very existence as an industrialized nation and a civilized society.  It will ensure that all students have access to an economically viable and efficient system of education, irrespective of where they are born or where they choose to live.  It will help us in tackling various ethnic issues now plaguing our educational institutions, and will also help us preserve and consolidate our preeminence in the fields of science and technology.  Lastly, it will help us in making a meaningful attempt at conserving our natural environment.

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