Essay: Dr. Flegal’s findings on Obesity

17 Dec

Essay: Dr. Flegal’s findings on Obesity

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Based on Dr. Flegal’s findings, we are now in a position to confirm that modern-day American men and women do indeed weigh 17lb and 19lb more than their respective counterparts did in the late-seventies. However, the most unfortunate aspect of this development is that the proportion of overweight children has tripled in the last 30-odd years, whereas the number of overweight adolescents has almost doubled in the same time period.

This fact is also borne out by the NHANES surveys conducted between 1976 and 2006.  The demographic fault lines are further complemented by the fact that there is a higher incidence of weight gain and obesity-related disorders amongst members of the African-American and Hispanic communities.  For example, compared to whites in the same area, Hispanic Americans were noted to have 21% higher prevalence of obesity in the northwest of the country, whereas African-Americans were noted to have 51% higher prevalence in the southern and Midwestern regions. (Kolbert, 2009)

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