Essay: Doping is cheating in Sports

15 Oct

Essay: Doping is cheating in Sports

Sample Essay

Doping in sport is cheating; it is detrimental to positive effect of sport. Sports play a vital social role   in the nations. Large amounts of money are being spent on sports and it is most likely that sports have ability to bring nation together. Sports promote personal health, growth and development. Each individual has responsibility of ensuring that drugs are not used to give competitors advantages over the others. Doping should not be allowed to spread in our society and the anti-doping policy must be embraced and supported by an individual, society, nation and even globally to enhance free, fair and just sporting society.

The World Anti doping code is core framework that provides  anti-doping policy rules and regulations across all sports, countries and world as a whole. It is fare if all government adopt the policy to ensure  that sports are a global and social function with common and shared values.

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