Essay: Domestic Terrorism

17 Oct

Essay: Domestic Terrorism

Sample Essay

Domestic terrorism is still an issue in several European countries. Euskadi Ta Askatasuna ( ETA), has carried out several terror attacks in European countries notably in France and Spain . Its operational capabilities are still maintained extensive  law enforcement efforts between the French and Spanish authorities.  The Revolutionary Armed groups first of October (GRAPO)  has been carrying out  armed robberies but it suffered serious setback due to the dismantling of its management structure by Spain and French  law enforcement agencies  in various sting operations. RIRA has been very active in British mainland and the Northern Ireland. ‘Anarchist’ terrorism is still active in several EU countries. Revolutionary front for communism has claimed responsibility for two failed bomb attacks. A bomb attack against ministry of interior is yet to be claimed.

A number of cells planning attacks in the European union have been dismantled in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Belgium. The EU secret service is headquartered in Brussels and it is composed of several agents from European capitals seconded there by their governments. A French agent heads it. The cell deals with classified information from various member states .Its reports are equally important and available to all 27 EU countries via their envoy s to the political and security committee (PSC) which is a group of member states diplomats, which meets regularly in the EU council to speak on matters pertaining to security (Sherman 1998).

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