Essay: Domestic Market

17 Oct

Essay: Domestic Market

Sample Essay

Most multinational industries are influenced by their inherent behavior of relying on its home-country domestic market which is evident in most “global firms”. Holding to this fact, extend of reliance on the home-country domestic market and size is vital component of the multinational organization. Welch, Schuler and Dowling (1999) they argue that small home-country domestic market is one of the major motives for pushing various organizations to “go international”.

Therefore, home-country domestic market is maintained and relied on, while exploring foreign markets. This reliance on domestic home –country market imply that large domestic market influences all aspects of how an international firm organizes its activities, influence the attitudes of senior managers and generate a large number of managers with an experience base of exclusively domestic market experience which can be applied to international level (Mabey 1999).

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