Essay: Do Black students receive more severe punishments

14 Oct

Essay: Do Black students receive more severe punishments

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Do Black students receive more severe punishments compared to white students

It does not mean that blacks are more troublesome in schools to warrant the high rate of suspension and expulsion but it is due to the fact that black students receive more severe punishment for less serious and more immanent offences (Skiba, Michael, Nardo, & Peterson, 2002). A research conducted by Townsend (2000) concluded that these unfair applications of discipline methods to have been caused by some form of cultural mismatch. On other hand, inadequate training in culturally antiphonal classroom management was attributed to be a major cause of these disparities (Vavrus, & Cole, 2002).

Truancy may lead to several forms of juvenile crimes and all US schools should apply all sort of effective programs that seek to maintain the safety and integrity of school leaning environment. All states departments should collaborate towards reducing this complex form of children errant behavior. The challenge lies more squarely on the education leaders who should implement the most efficient and less exclusionary programs for productive school environments.

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