Essay: Divorce has existed since Civilization

19 Oct

Essay: Divorce has existed since Civilization

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Divorce has existed for a long time since the start of human civilization. It was allowed in ancientAthensand many other Greek city states. Depending on how the process of divorce is exercised, divorce can lead to uncontrolled agony not only for the spouses but also the children and immediate family members.

Although divorce has been legalized in many countries it would be better if marriage laws were amended in order to ensure that cases of divorce decline.

In these modern times many people who realize that they have unrencilable differences amongst themselves usually prefer to seek divorce. How quick, equitable or fair the divorce process will be depends on some key factors. among these factors include how lengthy the marriage has been ( normally spouses who have been married for less than five years can attain divorce status more easily), the second factor is the presence or absence of children. In cases where there are no children the process can be easily fast-tracked.

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