Essay: Diversification; Domino Pizza

19 Oct

Essay: Diversification; Domino Pizza

Sample Essay

The firm, Domino’s Pizza, should diversify its product line because the clients’ tastes and preferences are very changing sooner or later. Intensified research and development needs to be carried out about the demographic trends. In addition, documentation about the health distress of the clients’ should to be analyzed to ensure that the firm only stocks products that are healthy while developing quality products that maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The rise and fall of the prices of input has forced the cost of operations to keep getting higher year after year. Ever since 2005 financial year to 2010 fiscal year, Domino’s peak net income was in 2006 fiscal year and this amounted to $106.4 millions. The lowest net income was noted in 2007 fiscal year and this amounted to $37.0 millions. It is imperative to note that as economies recuperate from the economic crunch, there was 32.2% raise in Domino’s net income in 2009 fiscal year as a result of stabilizing of the global economy and this reduced the unpredictable changes of the prices of the input. Through recovering US and global economy, there is a high expectation that the net income can raise by 25% to reach $99.6 millions in 2010 financial year.

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