Essay: Distribution recommendations for Rihanna

A clear distribution channel should be mapped out; this will involve all the teams concerned with the production and marketing of Rihanna’s products. The distribution aspect should start from the recording company, using them and the various marketing mixes; PR firm, music manager, music publishing company, entertainment agency, music distribution firm, entertainment lawyer, music magazine, should be able to do this. To organize all the parties involved, they need to have a clear chain of command. Each marketing arm should have well-defined roles, from the music marketer to the promoter who links up to the retailer.   The involvement of these should be based on the targets of increased sales; they should have clear prices on the products and have a target population. They should also target more music stores and malls to reach a wider market. The distribution should be on a regional basis, the decision of the distributors should help cover a wider area and also reach a bigger market. The use of international firms to market abroad is recommended.
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