Essay: Discussion with a Patient facing Obesity

16 Dec

Essay: Discussion with a Patient facing Obesity

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Skinner’s operant conditioning has also been defined as habit.  Operants are, as a matter of fact, well trained behaviors that become habits (Skinner, 1937).  The participant in our study has made overeating an ingrained habit.  The interviewee mentioned clearly, “I’m just used to it.”  We cannot elaborate on the addition to her sentence, “Maybe I am depressed,” as she expressed nothing else about herself that would clarify what she had meant by “depression.”  Besides, the word “maybe” cannot be used to make a sure scientific statement. 

Skinner’s method of automatic training in the case of well trained behaviors consists of intermittent reinforcement (Skinner, 1966).  The theorist and his colleagues discovered a range of strong and orderly schedule effects which provided new tools for understanding learning processes in both human beings as well as animals.  A reinforcement schedule is any system that would deliver a reinforcer to an organism based on a certain well defined rule (Skinner, 1986).

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