Essay: Discussion on Hospitality Management

15 Oct

Essay: Discussion on Hospitality Management

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From the in depth, interviews it can be argued that challenges in training and development, inadequate employees and problems in internship employment can be attributed to customer service quality discussed in the literature. Kuzel, (1992) argues that employing interns is a solution to the shortages in the hospitality sector. Interns provide stable employment especially at the entry level.

Some hotels just view interns as supportive force as opposed to long- term investments. It is recommended that hospitality managers should create a sense of belonging to the interns so that they could come back and work in these establishments.

Most participants in this study appeared to accept Hoque’s (1999) view that the high level of turnover is a fact and a regular and acceptable phenomenon in the hospitality industry (Iverson & Deery, 1997). In the fact, better management still can improve turnover, as long as human resource managers can see it as an opportunity and not a problem.

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