Essay: Discussion on the decline of the United States

15 Oct

Essay: Discussion on the decline of the United States

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For those who think America is in decline, they argue that United States need to cooperate with other countries to aid them forge the same values. Which values will be forged for example from China which is not a pure democrat? They also claim that military solutions cannot do it but cultural change is vital. Yes, cultural change is required which is easily attained in United States as “change” is embraced in United States based on presidential elections of president Obama (Mr Change).

If the administrations of Bush and Clinton were recognized to be favoring technology in the past, how about the current administration when we are talking about change in United States of America. Rampant changes are expected in technology making United States to retain its position of being hegemon.  The claim is also put that what worked for United States will not work for other countries like Iran. Through experiences, the countries which adopted what were used in United States they also developed making United States a hegemon (Barma 30). Furthermore what works for a developed country is expected to work for another developed country since they share the same characteristics therefore what worked for United States should work for Iran. United States of America has high chances of remaining a more powerful than any other state in the coming years. A rise in power resources for both state and non state actors will be viewed. Increasing number of issues will be expected but solutions will be availed due to power in United States attained through the capacity of maintaining alliances and creating networks. Instead of succumbing to false and self-fulfilling prophesies of inevitable decline, a vision that combines home reforms with good strategies for deployment of our power internationally is vital in this information age.

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