Essay: Discoveries during placements

14 Oct

Essay: Discoveries during placements

Sample Essay

Much as I have invested so much time in class work and several assignments, there is a high possibility I might find out that it is not enough. The fact that different organizations work differently even if it is to achieve the same results might be a cause for this. Discovering that my skills and even what I have learnt through the years is insufficient might lead to confusion on my part. However, I intend to tackle this by ensuring I carry reference books with me and also make use of online literature if need be so they can serve as backup references just incase.

At the end of my placement, a report and several assignments might be required. Producing the paper work might prove difficult if one is not organized. I intend to ensure I start out my report in time so that I can beat the deadline and hand it in on time. This will also ensure I do not leave out any necessary details that will be of help later as I practice my professionalism (Cleak, 2007).

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