Essay: Discount Rates

Sample Essay The discount rates desired by the management should be used to evaluate the NPV (Net Present Value) of the project so that one is able to determine whether the expected results are achieved. Since the project uses finances and other scarce and valuable resources, a shorter payback period for the project is desirable. The payback period is measured by evaluating the cash inflows without considering the time value of money and profitability (Milosevic 60). In most cases during project implementation, there are changes that are expected to be done in the firm. In order to ensure a successful implementation of the project, there has to be the scheduling of time such that the new changes advocated for in the project are incorporated into the work. There should be training of the employees prior to the implementation process to ensure that each of the employees is familiar with what ought to be done and the expected results. due to conflicts brought about by resistance to change, some employees are expected to resist and in order to overcome this, they need to be informed in detail of the expected benefits once the project is implemented. This means that the employees need to make to understand once they allow their working schedule and methods to be altered, they will be able to achieve satisfaction and feel motivated at the end of the project.
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